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A winning formula in the race against time
It’s inevitable – we are all getting older. And with the pace of everyday life, it’s no wonder we can all feel older than we really are...

In today’s world, 50 is the new “30” with people staying healthier, being more active, looking younger and living longer than previous generations.
However, even when we take good care of ourselves our bodies can still sometimes let us down and leave us feeling tired, achy and uncomfortable.
The great new is there is a way to stop the fatigue and bring some much needed vitality and energy back into our bodies.
CoreElements has created BodyElements, a unique and extremely effective supplement that boosts joint and bone health, and promotes a feeling of wellbeing.

More than a Helping Hand…

While it’s a fact of life we are likely to experience more aches and pains as we grow older, the BodyElements supplement is here to help by putting back into your body’s joints the natural elements time removes.
Made from Silicic Acid, a compound of Silicon, BodyElements is the first joint health supplement of its kind. And because it is in liquid form it is much more easily absorbed into the body and has an immediate effect. In fact, research* shows long-term use of BodyElements can help bone formation and maintain healthy joints.
Because Silicon is vital for joint health, a lack of this element in our daily diet could have a detrimental effect on our bodies as we age.
The highest concentration of Silicon in the body is found in the connective tissues including ligaments, tendons and cartilage – which is why it’s so important for maintaining mobility and an active lifestyle into our senior years.

In addition, the other natural elements provide extra health benefits:
• Boron – improves vitamin D production
• Calcium – helps build strong bones and teeth
• Magnesium – maintains healthy bones
• MSM Sulphur – keeps joints and tendons healthy, and helps build cartilage
Staying Young And Active… Always
Age is nothing but a number, after all – so don’t let it stop you doing the things you love.
While many of us are concerned about the impact playing sport or leading an active life long into retirement may have on our joints, by taking BodyElements supplement there really is no need to worry.
Actress Nina Wadia says: “I had initially bought this product for my friend's father and he found a renewed mobility. He then bought some for his friends and now I can't stop recommending this product to all my friends of every age. Since I've been taking it my everyday activity from playing with my kids to the amount of travelling and physical activity I do has been made much easier.”
Regain Your Joint Health
With this unique, natural supplement, you’ll soon regain your feelings of youth as your body regains its former health and vitality. Taken in liquid form, as BodyElements is, your body can absorb the silicon and quickly begin to promote the creation of collagen and elastin in muscles for healthy joints.
Customer Mrs Spittle says: “As a 70 year old pensioner I have been taking BodyElements for over three months. During this period I have noticed an improvement in my general mobility particularly in my lower limbs. I have also found my nails are stronger and despite my age believe it or not my hair has started to slowly grow back.
“I would certainly recommend BodyElements, particularly for people 'of my age' and I am especially pleased with the difference I have seen in my mobility.”
By compensating for the natural decline of Silicon levels in your body, BodyElements takes good care of you, now and always, and lets you simply get on with life.