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Health Tips

Body Elements and Yoga

Whilst Body Elements strengthens bones and ligaments, Yoga then strengthens your muscles and essential core muscles that help with posture, all this helps to prevent back aches and pains due to the strains of modern living.


Stretching exercises when you wake up and during the day boosts circulation and digestion and eases back pain and again helps with posture.

Strengthening the Back
Two types of strength-training moves that may benefit the lower back are flexion and extension exercises. In flexion exercises, you bend forward to stretch the muscles of the back and hips. In extension exercises, you bend backward to develop the muscles that support the spine. One example is doing leg lifts while lying on your stomach. Depending on the cause of your back pain, there are some exercises you should not do. If you have back pain, make sure to talk to your doctor about what exercises are safe for you.


Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries contain plant nutrients known as anthocyanidins, which are powerful antioxidants.

Folic acid

Folic acid should be taken regularly by all pregnant mums and people with a low immunity to disease. Folic acid prevents spina bifida in unborn babies. It is found in green leafy vegetables, liver, fruit and bran.

Pure water

Don’t have soft drinks or energy drinks while you're exercising. Stay properly hydrated by drinking enough water during your workout. While you might need energy drinks for long-distance running, in shorter exercise sessions in the gym, your body will burn the glucose from the soft drink first, before starting to burn body fat.

Asthma-friendly sports

Swimming is the most asthma-friendly sport of all, but cycling, canoeing, fishing, sailing and walking are also good, according to the experts. Asthma need not hinder peak performance in sport. 11 percent of the US Olympic team were asthmatics – and between them they won 41 medals.