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Rubert Jonker - Rugby Pro

We met at the Design Show at London Excell. You asked me if I would like to give you a testimony if I thought 'Body Elements' work. Well after using it for the last 2/3 months I think it's the best thing I ever used. I just wish I knew of it 4 years ago before I had to have a knee reconstruction.
I played pro rugby and this would have been great to use during my playing days. Since my Knee reconstruction I really struggled to get back to full fitness. But I must say after years of struggling with my knee I am back in the gym, my knee hasn't swollen up since using body elements and I also did a 5.5 km run last week in a time that surprised me a hell of a lot. All great achievements for someone who couldn't do any hard training for 2 years because of rugby injuries but is now getting back to his old self.

I convinced 2 of my colleagues to try it as well and one of them absolutely loves it. He had back surgery last year and really struggled but he is now running about like there is nothing wrong.
Let me know if you need any help with promoting Body Elements as I would love to get involved with such a great product.

                                                                          Rubert Jonker

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