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Sport - The Element of Success is in the Power of the Performance

Keeping players in the game…

With professional sports demanding ever more fantastical feats from its players, can the body really keep up?

It’s all too common a sight in professional sports these days: injuries, strapping, physios – and what’s more unless it’s practically life or death, players are expected to “battle through”. This, according to some commentators, is simply what it takes to be at the top of your game.

But what if your body literally can’t take the pace? What if, despite all the determination in the world, your body simply lets you down?

Can we stop the decline, restoring our bodies back to their youthful glory? Can we turn the clock back on our bodies and get our performance levels back to where they once where?

“Body Elements” supplement literally puts the natural elements of healthy joints and bones back into our bodies and gets them back on top form.

It’s only natural…

A unique combination of natural elements, including Silicic Acid (a compound of Silicon), Body Elements targets the body’s weak link: the joints.

As our bodies get older our joints, tendons and ligaments lose flexibility and resilience because the levels of naturally occurring silicon decline over time.

Not only that, but sport at any level can place demands on the body, and whether it’s high performance, activity burst or endurance-style activity, these activities all deplete the body’s store of silicon in the joints. And regular, repetitive activity, especially at the highest level, speeds up the process.

That’s why the unique formula of the Body Elements supplement, which comes in liquid form, ensures the optimal absorption into the body, helping to strengthen and repair all areas of your joint.

Olympic show jumper, Ben Maher, said, “I have been using the product for a long time but after just a few weeks the aches and pains I used to get from riding lots of horses for hours every day had gone. It is amazing!”

The combination of elements in the liquid formula creates a unique synergy, which ensures results that are apparent in a matter of days.

Start as you mean to go on…

And you don’t have to wait until things do go wrong before you start taking Body Elements. Taking the supplement at a younger age can help can help keep joints, muscles and bones healthy later on in life, when the stresses and strains start to show.

Registered Nutritional Therapist, GP and award-winning health writer, Dr. Sarah Brewer, says, “The highest concentration of silicon in the body is found in connective tissues such as ligaments. Silicon is essential for strengthening collagen and elastin, which in turn are essential for healthy bones and joints.

“Without sufficient silicon being absorbed from your diet, joint health is likely to be affected, formation of new joint cartilage is reduced and bones can become more brittle.”

New research* shows joint pain has a significant impact on those playing sport, with over 30% playing less sport because of pain, 28% changing the type of sport they play and over 20% reducing the amount of time they can spend playing their chosen sport.

Keeping your body in form, so you are at the top of yours…

The good news is joint deterioration doesn’t have to be permanent and this natural supplement can quickly start restoring the levels of silicon in the body, encouraging production of collagen and elastin in ligaments and even increasing deposits of calcium in the bones, creating healthy joints and healthy bodies.

Professional ex-rugby player, Rupert Jonker says, “I played professional rugby four years ago before I had an operation to reconstruct my knee. Afterwards, I struggled to get back to my full fitness.

“Since taking Body Elements I have been back to the gym, been able to run up to 5.5k and I’m finally feeling more like myself again.”

All of this points to a seemingly obvious truth, which top sportspeople around the world already know: the element of success is in the power of performance.