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What is Pet Elements?

Revolutionary Pet Joint Supplement
Recommended for Common problems including:
Ligament Damage
Joint Dysplasia
Osteocondritis Dissecans (OCD)
   Growth and Development    

Pet Elements is a mineral supplement that promotes healthy bones, joints, cartilage connective tissues.

Pet Elements is a unique, stable, Bio-Available orthosilicic acid (Silicon) solution, containing Selenium and Zinc. 

It is precisely the combination & synergy of these essential elements & the manner in which they are linked that makes Pet Elements so unique & effective .

Working on the health of all structural components of joints     

As our pets age the levels of silicon in their bodies decline.
In their youth the tissues absorb & maintain high levels of Silicon & simultaneously their bodies remain flexible & resilient.
Subsequently, as they age the silicon levels decrease & they begin to exhibit signs of aging such as stiff or sore joints, weaker bones & a lack of energy.
Maintaining a regular supply of a silicon supplement such as Pet Elements as they age could help maintain a more flexible & free moving pet.